Enrolments for FCCCM part 1 and part 2 open now. [Eligibility CriteriaExam dates and fees | List of centres]

Note: Please don't confuse College Membership with College Fellowship (FCCCM). Whereas anyone can become member of college by paying membership fee, FCCCM is only obtained by clearing the fellowship examination or if Honorary Fellowship is awarded by the Academic Council.

Membership of the College of Critical Care Medicine is obtained by applying online at www.icueducation.com. It is a one time application for life-time membership. [Note: College Membership is one time only as it is a Life-time membership. This is different from SUBSCRIPTION to the SELF-ASSESSMENT WEBSITE www.icueducation.com]

Step 1: Register on www.icueducation.com and select “REGISTER” (http://www.icueducation.com/users/register )

Step 2: Enter your details in appropriate places.

Step 3: when prompted select “FREE” registration (Subscription). (a 1 year subscription to the SELF ASSESSMENT in Critical care can be selected which is charged 6000 Rs for non-members and Rs 5500 for member). College member THEN apply for 1 year subscription to SELF ASSESSMENT to avail discount!)

Step 4: login with your user ID and password just created for free subscription.

Step 5: Go to “College of CCM” by clicking on http://www.icueducation.com/ccm_members/  

Step 6: Click on "Become a CCM Member" or click on http://www.icueducation.com/ccm_members/register 


Step 7: Complete the form online and make payment.


Once completed you will receive email. Alternately you can go to dashboard and under “College of Critical Care Management” you can see and download your membership certificate”


Words of Caution:

  1. When entering first name do not prefix with "Dr.", just type your name.
  2. Email cannot be changed in future.
  3. If you have old membership number that starts with C- (eg: C-56 or C-717), you can get new format Membership Certificate for free by Registering on the site as above (free Registration) and then enter your Membership number for authentication. Here do not enter C-56 but use new format CCM00056 or CCM00717). Once authenticated, print or save the certificate as pdf file.