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1. What is this Self Assessment site about and why should I subscribe for it?

Critical Care is a relatively new specialty and it is not surprising that all over most of the world, there is a severe shortage of structured teaching and trainers. Many of todays practicing Intensivists are actually self taught. There was a need for a platform where busy practicing doctors and students in training could come and compare there understanding of certain key ares in critical care that can be objectively assessed such as ABG interpretation, Xray interpretation, ECG/ EKG interpretation etc with that of experts in the field. While we would have loved to share this wealth of original data with the world, lots of expenses have gone into creating the site, its maintenance and upgradations. Hence a nominal subscription is charged that is valid for 1 full year.


2. Why is the price for subscription showing me as Rs. 5000 when my friend paid only Rs. 4225?

The price of the subscription is Rs. 5000 only but for the trainees who are members of the College of Critical Care Medicine (CCEF), there is a subsidized subscription.


3. I am applying for the 2 year Fellowship Examination and so want to subscribe to this Self assessment site as well as become a member of the College, why is it still showing me the fee as Rs. 5000?

The site does not know that you intend to become a member of the College too. The Correct procedure for those Registering for the College membership as well as Self Assessment subscription is to FIRST become a Member of the College and only then subscribe to the Self Assessment. That way you get discounted fares.


4. I became a member of the College but when I printed my certificate it said Dr. Dr. myname. Why is it typing Dr. twice?

This is a commonly faced problem that occurs because the subscriber enters hi/her first name as Dr XXYY rather than just XXYY. Its easiliy corrected by logging into the site and going to “dash Board” Go to my profle—edit profile. Remove the Dr. before first name. That’s it. Refresh as print your Membership Certificate now. You can also correct from lower case to Upper Case (the first letter of your name).

This list of FAQs will increase based on FAQs as they present themselves