Enrolments for FCCCM part 1 and part 2 open now. [Eligibility CriteriaExam dates and fees | List of centres]

Candidates pursuing the 2 years Fellowship Examination of the College have various options for online learning: 

  1. Recorded Lectures for Fellows: Various lectures relevant to the trainee fellows are available at the www.ICUeducation.com website. However, it is not part of the website subscription and a separate subscription has to be paid. Fee as of March 2017 is Rs. 8500 and includes access to live classes when they are held. A separate login (the email) and password is issued after subscription.
  2. Live Classes: These are lectures by faculty that take place in real time. Subscription is included in (A) above. Lectures can be viewed on Desktop/ laptop or even on Mobile handsets. Once a lecture is announced, candidates need to register (free) for each class as seats are limited to first 100 students registering for any class. Trainees can ask teachers questions using a headset with microphone (USB type preferred).