Enrolments for FCCCM part 1 and part 2 open now. [Eligibility CriteriaExam dates and fees | List of centres]

Online Self Assessments are a unique part of our training program where the Trainees (and often consultants with interest in Critical Care) can test their understanding of Investigative Critical Care. This is a paid service and needs to be subscribed to but for those registered for the examination the subscription is included along with the examination fee.

A video is available for download at http://www.icueducation.com/downloads/download/108 on how to Use the www.ICUeducation.com  website. This video (MP4 format) explains the various components of the Self Assessment site as well as explains how to navigate the pages.

Best way to use the Self Assessment site via the dashboard is as follows:

  1. Initially it is important to solve the questions correctly without concern for how much time you take solving the problem. Read the model answers and see where you need to change your approach or interpretation. Practice as often as possible. Sometimes the questions may repeat. Its Ok. Just solve and see if you can now solve it faster. As you get used to solving these questions you will notice that you take lesser time. Now proceed to (B).
  2. Now go to the dashboard category “mock exams”. Here you attempts the same questions but they are timed! Once you have gained confidence, proceed to (C).
  3. Finally, once you are confident of your ability, take a “Online Certification” to see if you have truly mastered the topic!

These practice sessions will be of tremendous help not only in the OSCEs section of the examination but also in day to day bedside care of the critically ill patient. 

Your performance at each session as well as throughout the year is monitored and displayed an the dashboard. It is confidential and no one else even in college has access to your performance!